Board & Staff

Executive Committee


James Bush
ATAS International

Vice Chair/Treasurer

Brian Partyka

Drexel Metals Inc


Past Chair
Ed Karper
Dura Coat Products


JB Wissman

Dimensional Metals



MRA President

Dick Bus
ATAS International

Technical Committee Chair

David Stermer

Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation 


Market Development Chair

Dave Durham

US Steel Corporation 




Chandler Barden

Cidan Machinery Inc

Michael Beck

Accurate Perforating Co


Cindy DeBellis

SFS Group USA, Inc

Bill Hartford



Brian Jaks

Green Span Profiles

John Paul Lawrence

Modern Trade Communications


Zeke Miller


Scott Moffatt
PPG Industries



Miguel Pena

GSSI Sealants Inc






Executive Director
Karl Hielscher
Telephone: 972/342-8423

Chief Operating Officer

Louise Ristau

Telephone: 847/375-4785 


Director of Operations
Peggy Doherty
Telephone: 847/375-6378

IMP/MCM Program Director 
Jeff Irwin
Telephone: 614/595-4330



Technical Director 
Scott Kriner
Telephone: 610/966-2430

Director of Codes & Standards
Andy Williams
Telephone: 847/375-4891



Operations Coordinator

Mikaela Friedman

Telephone: 847/375-4754


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