Retrofitted and Ready for Send-Off

Maryland Port Authority Cruise Ship Terminal, Baltimore, MD

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You need to be in tip-top form to oversee the departure of the world’s most popular cruise lines on exciting trips abroad. That’s why the Maryland Port Authority in Baltimore spruced up its 65,000-sq-ft cruise terminal with a metal-over-metal retrofit.

According to James Fick, sales manager at Met-Fab, Jessup, MD, factory-notched sub-purlins supplied by Roof Hugger, Inc., Tampa, FL, were selected for the project because of their quick and easy installation. They are particularly well suited for retrofit because they “increase the load-carrying capacity of the existing building’s roof purlins, therefore compensating for the added weight of the retrofit system package,” Fick said.

Met-Fab supplied the engineered retrofit framing and roofing package and installed jobsite roll-formed 22-gauge double-lock standing-seam panels, which had Galvalume finish. Fick notes that the heavy gauge was selected to lessen the facility’s exposure to strong winds along the Maryland coastline.

To further combat the windy conditions, Roof Hugger designed a special hat-over-zee framing system for the corners and edges of the roof. According to Fick, this permitted the Met-Fab III panel clips to be installed between the existing purlins that were spaced at 5 ft on center.

To increase the thermal resistance of the new roof assembly, fiberglass insulation was installed between the previous ribbed panel roof, which was 12 in. on center, and the new roof.

The Met-Fab III roof system is a 16-in.-wide structural architectural profile panel system with a 2-in.-tall mechanically locked vertical rib. The longest panels roll-formed at the jobsite were 120 ft.

Fick noted that the entire installation went smoothly and a metal-over-metal retrofit proved cost efficient, energy saving, safe, and undisruptive to the building’s operations.

Maryland Port Authority Cruise Ship Terminal

Baltimore, MD

Xpert Xteriors, Huntingtown, MD

Roof Hugger, Inc., Tampa, FL

Met-Fab, Jessup, MD

Roof Hugger, Inc., Tampa, FL

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