Esperanza Health Care Exemplifies the Aesthetic Potential of ACM with New State of the Art Brighton Park Facility

In an era where society looks to continually develop an all-inclusive healthcare system, Esperanza Health Centers took the opportunity to build on this expansion in an underserved area in Chicago, IL. Located in southwest Chicago, this project provides critical services to a community that is lacking basic healthcare services. Esperanza Health Brighton Park, a JGMA: Juan Gabriel Moreno Architects and Skender project, was built with the intent to reach and serve the community in a new, welcoming 26,000 square-foot facility.


When presented with the project, JGMA, the architect, envisioned a facility centered around community interaction, with a hopeful eye to the future. With that vision in mind, the goal of this project was to transform an empty lot to a new and hospitable clinic with outdoor walking, community garden spaces, and multi-purpose communal spaces for educational programs.


The design intent was to liberate the typical definitions of interior and exterior applications, which was achieved by utilizing metal composite material (MCM) with a prismatic finish. The prismatic finish allows for the color to shift with the angle of the light, allowing the metal panels to appear to have fluidity or movement to them. 


Esperanza Brighton Park, is a unique type of architecture, brings modernity and a pop of color to a historic, notable city. “For us, this represents a continuation of a long line of projects where we’re challenging paradigms in architecture in our communities of color,” said Juan Gabriel Moreno, JGMA founder and President, in a statement to Curbed Chicago.


East Coast Metal Systems, Inc., utilizing the EC-200 Dry Joint Rain Screen system, fabricated over 10,400 square feet of metal composite material (MCM) wall panels for the exterior of the facility. The 4mm, FR core, metal composite material was supplied by ALUCOBOND® PLUS (3A Composites USA Inc.).  To achieve the prismatic vision of the project, a warm Cupral Spectra finish was selected. The building also utilized around 1,200 square feet of OPT Mica MCM installed by Tuschall Engineering Company.


John Trifonoff, Vice President of East Coast Metal Systems, stated, “Working with an experienced installer like Tuschall Engineering allowed for the project to operate smoothly. With the complex parallelogram panel shape, we were able to laser scan the project and work through all the obstacles together to complete a successful, beautiful project.”


Complex projects such as this require valuable partnerships throughout the construction team to be successful. The relationship between East Coast Metal Systems and Tuschall Engineering allowed the project to be completed in a timely manner and meet the expectations of the project management team.


Since opening on May 20, 2019, Esperanza Brighton Park is the fourth site for Esperanza Health Centers in the greater Chicago area. Thanks to all parties involved, Esperanza Brighton Park provides bilingual, high-quality primary care, behavioral health, and wellness services to the community, regardless of immigration status, insurance status, or ability to pay.


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East Coast Metal Systems, Inc., 3A Composites USA Inc, Tuschall Engineering Company Inc


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