In 2015, the Kokomo campus of Indiana’s community college system, Ivy Tech Community College, was faced with needed repair of aging metal roofs on buildings constructed in the late 1970s and 1980s. Mike Karickhoff, executive director of Facilities for Ivy Tech’s Kokomo Region, is no stranger to roof repair and replacement. Mike manages more 500,000 square feet under roof in facilities across the region’s  six central Indiana counties. You can only imagine the constant roof repairs his department faces.


Three Kokomo campus roofs that covered 83,042 square feet were reroofed using structural factory-notched sub-purlins from Roof Hugger of Lutz, FL., and 24-gauge 180-degree Double-Lok roof panel system from Ceco Buildings of Columbus, MS., protected with a 20-year Standard III weather-tight warranty. Included in the project were the Automotive Technology Building, the Technology Building, and the campus’ Learning Resource Center. The architect for the project was Darin Claxton of Dimensions Architects of Kokomo and the contractor was Love Contractors, Inc., of Gaston, IN


This project was completed using Love’s own crews led by Project Manager Mike Cassillas. Started in 1947, Love Contractors has about 20 employees and about 25 percent of their work is metal roofing. Jeffrey Love, owner and president of Love Contractors, said the Roof Hugger/Ceco Buildings partnership worked perfectly without any hitches. This was Love’s first Roof Hugger project, and, according to Mr. Love, it definitely won’t be their last. 


Other suppliers on the project were Curbs Plus, Inc. of Ringgold, GA., who furnished numerous retrofit type curbs, and Silvercote of Wentzville, MO., who supplied 2- and 3-inch unfaced fiberglass insulation. Geramie Hancock, district sales manager for Ceco, worked to put the package together and to bring the suppliers and contractors to the table to complete this very impressive metal-over-metal retrofit reroofing project. 


The College’s Mike Karickhoff remarked that the project construction went exceptionally well with very little disruption to the inside building operations and classroom teaching during the installation of the new roof system.


For more information on members of the project team, visit these websites:

Dimension Architects - http://dimensions-architects.com

Love Contractors, Inc. – www.lovecontractors.net

Ceco Buildings – www.cecobuildings.com

Roof Huggerwww.roofhugger.com

Curbs Plus, Inc. – http://curbs-plus.com

Silvercote – www.silvercote.com


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