Educational Resources for Members

Educational Resources for Members

The following courses have been developed by MCA to educate the building and design community regarding specific metal topics. For more information on presenting these courses, contact us.


Metal Roofs and Walls from A(luminum) to Z(inc)

Build a strong understanding of the ways metal can be used in the building envelope, and the benefits of building with metal. Learn about:

  • basic differences between the metal roof and wall systems used in commercial buildings
  • design opportunities offered by these systems
  • environmental aspects of metal roofs and walls
  • economic aspects of metal roofs and walls
  • opportunities to save energy.



Building Green with Metal Roofs and Walls

Understand how metal roofs and walls offer many green benefits and contribute to LEED points. Learn how metal can:

  • reduce energy consumption
  • improve air quality and thermal comfort
  • help comply with energy codes
  • reduce environmental impacts
  • contribute to LEED points



Metal Roofing: The Perfect Platform for Solar Technologies

Learn how metal roofs provide a durable integrated system for photovoltaic installations on existing and new roofs. Become familiar with:

  • the basics of metal roofing
  • the basics of photovoltaics
  • the synergy of solar and metal roofing
  • why metal roofs are the most cost-compelling choice for solar
  • retrofitting opportunities.



Retrofitting with Metal Roof and Wall Systems

Learn how metal can bring new life to old buildings with energy-efficient applications and sustainable products. Become familiar with:

  • metal roof and wall systems
  • different metal system applications
  • issues retrofit metal can satisfy
  • the benefits of retrofitting existing buildings
  • the opportunities to save energy.



Metal-over-Metal Retrofit Roof Systems

Understand how important retrofitting of existing metal roofs for code required design loading and energy efficiency. Become familiar with:

  • metal-over-metal re-roofing applications and systems
  • evolution of metal roof system coatings, types and design practices
  • new metal roof systems complying with upgraded wind speeds
  • convective ventilation to reduce heat gain/loss



The American Institute of Architects (AIA) recognizes MCA as an approved provider of continuing education courses. All MCA programs are facilitated by technical experts for the purposes of advancing and improving the knowledge of architects.


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