Today's educational buildings demand intelligent construction. They're expected to be efficiently designed, aesthetically unique and environmentally friendly

Today's educational buildings demand intelligent construction. They're expected to be efficiently designed, aesthetically unique and environmentally friendly. In recent case studies compiled by the Metal Construction Association, the uses of metal are nothing short of brilliant.


All About Energy

The Standard Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) at Stanford University is a U.S. Department of Energy lab housing a two-mile long particle accelerator. Building 53 needed to advance the DOE's sustainable building goals while maximizing occupant health and comfort and consolidating support tasks that had been managed separately. With the focus on efficiency, every aspect of the four-story project was scrutinized for product effectiveness.


To optimize energy savings, Kingspan supplied insulated metal panels, which helped the building achieve LEED Gold certification and qualify as a High-Performance Sustainable Building (HPSB). Metal also allowed for integrated windows, louvers, sunshades and column covers, all coming together to create a cultural work of art.


From Disaster Comes Opportunity

In 2011, Tropical Storm Lee roared into the Gulf of Mexico and wreaked havoc all the way up to Owego, New York. Four of the school district buildings were destroyed, including Owego Elementary School.


The rebuild became a statement of strength and inspiration to a community determined to bounce back from hardship. CENTRIA's Formawall ® insulated metal panels gave the building a distinct, modern feel while their MetalWrapTM insulated composite backup panel system provided thermal and moisture performance. The design allowed for maximized daylight and improved indoor air quality while pursuing LEED Silver certification.


More Than Just A Job

Due to student body growth, the Apollo Career Center in Lima, Ohio was expanded by 100,000 square feet to include 22 new academic rooms, three labs, technology spaces, a high school multipurpose room, additional auto and carpentry work areas, a welding lab, and a student resource center. 


Bright red and stucco-like white insulated metal panels from Metl-Span update the building's look, convey Apollo's brand colors, and qualify it for LEED Gold® status. With many of the panels ordered after framing was complete and measurements taken, the process was as unique as the result.


Extra Credit

Of MCA's 2018 Chairman's Awards, three of the eight winners were educational building projects, including the winner for overall excellence. "Education is our future," says MCA's Executive Director, Karl Hielscher. "Students, educators, administrators and everyone else involved in the field deserve beautiful, sustainable environments. It's exciting to see MCA members working to create that."


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