New Insulated Metal Panels Selection Guide

Available for Architects and Specifiers

FEBRUARY X, 2018 -- Chicago, IL – Architects and specifiers looking for technical assistance in specifying insulated metal panels are invited to download a new, updated Insulated Metal Panel Selection Guide on the Metal Construction Association’s (MCA’s) website at


The recently updated 30-page publication is a comprehensive guide to specifying the appropriate insulated metal panels (IMPs) for building applications. The guide features detailed specifications, performance data, diagrams and photos that advise the user on panel selection. Included are specifications on panel thickness and finishes; certifications for fire, water penetration, air infiltration, thermal transmittance and structural load capacity; the latest performance data including R values and thermal resistance; installation guidelines; and standards to meet current international building codes.


“This guide culminates the best thinking and most up-to-date research to enable architects to make the most informed IMP specifications,” says Jeff Irwin, MCA’s IMP Program Director. “Our goal is to give specifiers the tools they need to get the highest performance from insulated metal panels.”


IMPs are manufactured to meet the performance and testing requirements of the building codes and insurance listing agencies. IMPs are tested for fire, structural, thermal transmittance/resistance, foam core properties, water leakage and air pressure differential. 


The primary variable in the selection of an IMP is the thickness needed to meet the required thermal value. After the thermal value is determined, a review of the structural span tables is necessary to ensure that the panels in the thickness selected will meet the structural requirements.


The most common substrates for IMPs are G90 galvanized (ASTM A653) steel, AZ 50 or AZ 55 aluminum-zinc alloy coated (ASTM A792) steel, and aluminum for both the interior and exterior facings. Heavier combinations of gauges for both interior and exterior facings are available depending on requirements for load/span capability, resistance to abuse, and aesthetic needs.


These and other specifications are explained in detail in the new IMP Specification Guide. Architects and specifiers are encouraged to download the guide and refer to it when considering insulated metal panels in their designs.


About the Metal Construction Association


The Metal Construction Association brings together a diverse industry for the purpose of expanding the use of metal in construction through marketing, research, technology and education. Companies involved in MCA gain tremendous benefit from association activities that focus on research, codes and standards, market development, and technical programs. MCA’s market development efforts increase the use of metal materials in construction through the education of the building and design communities about the benefits of metal.

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