CHICAGO – SEPT. 6, 2016– Metal Construction Association (MCA) has added a new “Microsite” to its main website, expanding information available on Retrofit Metal Roof and Wall Systems, to assist architects and building designers considering renovating an older building. The information is available for free and includes many valuable resources for architects and specifiers including new white papers Benefits of Retrofit Roofing and Economic Stimulus via Retrofit, a new case study about Ivy Tech Community College, plus information on the benefits, applications, and suppliers of metal retrofit systems.  The Retrofit Microsite can found at


“Just like we retrofit older buildings to make them new again, MCA and its members have worked hard to refresh the information available on Retrofit Metal Roof and Wall Systems to educate and inspire architects, buildings owners, and other specifiers” said Mark James, MCA’s Retrofit Council Executive Director.


Retrofit metal systems have a wide range of design alternatives for existing roofs and walls. For roofs, they offer building owners and design professionals a multitude of choices ranging from low-slope functional systems for discharge or diversion of roof rainwater to high-slope architectural applications that upgrade the building’s aesthetic and appraised values. For walls, there are just as many material choices that can bring that architectural quality to the curb appeal of a building.


About the Metal Construction Association

The Metal Construction Association brings together a diverse industry for the purpose of expanding the use of metal in construction through marketing, research, technology and education. Companies involved in MCA gain tremendous benefit from association activities that focus on research, codes and standards, market development, and technical programs. MCA’s market development efforts increase the use of metal materials in construction through the education of the building and design communities about the benefits of metal.



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