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As the original "aluminum composite material," ALUCOBOND® PLUS has been developed exclusively to meet the higher fire performance requirements of today's building standards. Consisting of two sheets of smooth .020" aluminum thermobonded to a solid, fire retardant core, ALUCOBOND® PLUS meets the higher requirements of fire classifications while offering the proven product properties such as flatness, form-ability, durability, and ease of fabrication. The versatile characteristics of  ALUCOBOND® PLUS provide for a plethora of applications such as exterior and interior cladding, column covers, canopies, soffits, and even signage, allowing architects to offer inspiring, creative, and innovative designs while meeting the standards of sustainable planning. ALUCOBOND® PLUS is available in all of our current finishes and custom colors.

Two Harbour Place, 721 Jetton St, Suite 325, Davidson, NC

(F) 314.878.7596


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