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Since its first market introduction 40 years ago ALUCOBOND has significantly influenced the appearance of many buildings. During these four decades a constant development in architecture has taken place; new materials have enabled architects to extend the limits of the achievable to an extent that would have been unimaginable before. ALUCOBOND has most certainly contributed towards this development and today it is a prominent feature in a large number of attractive, distinctive architectural projects, world-wide.


Nevertheless, development is continually progressing and the creative visions of successful architects and designers are demanding original, functional and innovative construction materials more than ever before, as the buildings of the future will not only have to fulfill the highest structural demands, they will also have to meet the technical and ecological requirements of the future. Handling nature and its resources with care and foresight, avoiding environmental pollution, observing energy efficiency, protection against noise and fire, and ensuring sustainability are just some of the challenges of our time.


3A Composites will focus on innovations to an increasing extent in the future; it will continue to develop ALUCOBOND, thus offering the world of architecture new possibilities for application. New surfaces, core materials and system solutions will be increasing the versatility, quality and functionality of ALUCOBOND in the future, too. The product began as a pioneer and became a synonym long may this continue to be the case!

Two Harbour Place, 721 Jetton St, Suite 325, Davidson, NC

(F) 314.878.7596


  • Coaters of Metal Coils and Sheets
  • Metal Wall Panel Manufacturers

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