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Established in 1991, Roof Hugger, LLC is the foremost manufacturer of Metal-over-Metal structural sub-framing retrofit systems.  With over 80 million square feet of products installed on existing metal roofs, the company sells to Contractors and Manufacturers throughout the United States and abroad.  Our products are unique to the metal construction industry, where the existing metal roof remains in place and becomes part of the overall retrofit roof assembly with a new metal roof installed over the Roof Hugger sub-framing.  Our systems attach directly to the existing structural building purlins or joists and strengthens the existing roof system both from a gravity load and wind uplift capacity.  Each project is designed to meet the new locally adopted building code requirements based on your selected new metal roof system to be installed. A multitude of testing has been performed for over 20 years that include UL, ASTM E-1592, Factory Mutual and Florida Building Code for extreme wind exposure.


Installation is safe, fast, economical and is little disruption to the building owner and inhabitants.  Because of an air-space that is created by the Roof Hugger sub-framing, between the existing and new metal roofs, the assembly prevents less heat gain and loss through the roof assembly.  In addition, fiberglass or rigid insulation can be added to increase the thermal efficiency to meet or exceed current recommended Model Energy Code R-values.  The Roof Hugger retrofit roof assembly is ideal for solar photovoltaic and/or solar thermal systems being added to a building.  All taking into account that the existing roof remains in place.


Roof Hugger, LLC is a member company of LSI Metal Building Components, Inc. (LSI Group) of Logansport, Indiana.  Sister companies are Logan Stampings, LSI Metal Fabrication and Building Products Development (BPD).

PO Box 1027, Odessa, FL

(P) 800.771.1711 (F) 877.202.2254


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