Metal Walls

Metal walls have become more popular in both commercial and residential construction, and it is easy to see why. They offer a multitude of design capabilities as well as a sustainable barrier to weather. They can be used for exterior and interior design, and come in several varieties. While they are used more often in commercial office and manufacturing buildings, you can find unique uses of these panels in residential homes and condos. More and more buildings are using metal in their construction. No wonder. There are so many benefits. 



Metal Panels have a beautiful appearance for both exterior and interior applications. They have both shiny and matte finishes, and can be shaped and formed into a wide array of patterns. They can be made to look ultra-modern or vintage. A wide variety of colors, textures and designs makes them work with most commercial or residential architectural designs. Architects and interior designers can work with metal walls easily in order to meet their unique design specifications.



Fire is always a risk in any building construction. Metal walls can act as a barrier to fire to help keep an active fire from spreading, and they also help keep the area cool in the case of too much heat. 


Rain Screen

Metal Panels also act as a rain screen and water barrier, preventing water from entering a building from the outside, and from spreading from room to room in the interior. In climates that get a lot of rain, having a metal barrier can extend the life of the building by preventing mold and decay from destroying other building materials. 


Lower Energy Consumption

Because of the density of metal, it offers a reduction in energy consumption that lowers expenses for building owners. Metal walls are considered to be eco-friendly and sustainable building materials, and meet building regulations for sustainable materials. Plus by using this construction, you are lowering your carbon footprint and the stress on the earth’s resources.



Metal walls are extremely durable, and hold up well to regular wear and tear. Their hardness may vary a bit depending on the metal used. You might be surprised that Metal Wall Panels do not dent or ding easily. They maintain their beauty for years.


Low Installation and Maintenance Costs

Metal Wall Panels also save money on installation and maintenance. Panels can generally be installed more quickly than other materials such as brick, granite or precast. They are lighter in weight and often do not need much support structure as heavier materials. 

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