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Differentiate your company from the competition!


Certification is now available for metal roofing products through MCA's Metal Roofing Certification Program. The Metal Roofing Certification Program is open to paint & coatings companies, roofing product manufacturers, coil processors, and roll formers.


Based on industry standards published in the Guide Specification for Residential Metal Roofing, this program offers certification of base metal and finishes. Currently certification for painted finishes and uncoated metal is available.





With the knowledge that comes with certification, you'll be able to assist contractors and consumers alike in choosing the right metal roof for their needs. With help from a certified provider like you, homeowners, design professionals and contractors will be able to clearly differentiate quality levels of steep slope metal roofing by applying industry performance standards.


Approval for participation in the MCA Metal Roofing Certification is based on application showing your company meets the criteria and agrees with the program requirements. 


Roofing products that meet the MCA Metal Roofing Certification criteria may be promoted as "Metal Construction Association Certified Premium Painted™," "Metal Construction Association Certified Standard Painted™," or "Metal Construction Association Certified Natural™."

Benefits of Metal Roofing Certification Program:



MCA's Metal Roofing Certification helps assure your customers that the correct base metals and exterior paint coatings are selected for their situation.

Product Quality:

Certified roofing products help differentiate levels of product quality. Thanks to MCA Metal Roofing Certification, your products will be perceived as the best!



MCA's Metal Roofing Certification helps create a credible basis for product comparison for your customers, whether homeowners, design professionals or contractors. 



Providing a means of verifying metal roofing performance is a strong benefit of the MCA Metal Roofing Certification Program. 

Participation in the certification program is available to:

  • Paint and coating manufacturers
  • Roofing product manufacturers
  • Coil processors
  • Regional manufacturers/mobile roll formers

This program encourages the use of appropriate metal roofing products, and increases consumer confidence in metal roofing.

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