Celebrating 40 Years of MCA

2023 is MCA’s 40th year, and we’re looking back at 40 years of expanding the use of metal in the building envelope.

In March 1983, members of the now-defunct Metal Building Component Manufacturers Association wanted to create a new, expanded association. American Building Components, Binkley Company, Corrugated Metal, Engineered Components, McElroy Metal, Metal Building Components Inc., Moncrief Lenoir and Omega Metal Building Products provided the seed money later that year, and June 1, 1983, became the official date of launch of the Metal Construction Association. 

Now, 40 years later, we have grown to include nearly 100 member companies with more than 650 individual members who collaborate on councils and committees that advocate for the best use of metal in construction and work together with other organizations on research projects to ensure metal is being used properly.  

We’ve developed technical resources for metal construction professionals and the design community, to help guide them to good decisions when using metal in construction.  

We provide 3 major certifications for metal construction products, elevating the quality and compliance in the industry.

We bring metal professionals together at 3 meetings, serving as the primary home for metal construction professionals to engage with peers, make new contacts to support their businesses, and have their voices heard.

It’s been a powerful 40 years, here’s to 40 more.

What does 40 years of MCA mean to members?

Hear from MCA members what it means to be part of MCA in this video from the 2023 MCA Winter Meeting.

40th Anniversary Features in Metal Construction News

What 40 Years of MCA Means to Our Members

“We’ve been proud members of Metal Construction Association from the beginning when it all started 40 years ago. To have an organization that supports metal construction professionals from all aspects of the supply chain is a great benefit to our organization. MCA has allowed us to keep up with industry trends, technical reports, and research data. Even more, on a personal level, we have made long-lasting friendships in MCA that have been strengthening and rewarding. We are proud to be part of MCA and look forward to the next 40 years of great success in the metal industry.”



- David Stermer of


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