Committee Charges


MCA Committees are working units charged with conducting programs aimed at furthering the visibility of metal. The bylaws of MCA designate three standing committees – Executive, Finance/Audit, and Governance. The MCA board of directors has established additional committees to conduct the business of the association.




Codes and Standards--Bob Zabcik, Collin Sutt

The Codes and Standards Committee monitors changes in pertinent codes, and standards, suggests proposals for changes, and develops positions consistent with expanding the use of metal in construction. The committee also keeps membership informed, on important actions or responses to codes.




• Monitoring code development bodies for potential implications to the use of metal products in the building envelope

• Initiating testing and research to support code change requests

• Assisting with Webinars to educate MCA members on current codes and standards issues

• Participating with affiliated groups to establish guidelines as needed



Finance/Audit--Brian Partyka




• Monitors MCA financials, ensures surplus funds are appropriately invested, taxes are filed, insurance is adequate and current, and cooperate with independent CPA Audit.

• Supports budget development.



Governance--Dale Nelson, Dick Bus




• Prepares a slate of officers and directors

• Reviews and proposes changes to bylaws



Government Relations

Ensure that MCA is the recognized leader influencing public policy on issues directly affecting increasing the use of metal in the building envelope. Conduct necessary advocacy to support the market development agenda.



Market Development--Dave Durham, LeeAnn Slattery

MCA’s market development program is aimed at increasing visibility for metal construction products within non-residential markets.




• Channel available resources to create a comprehensive, integrated marketing program targeted to decision makers of large commercial, municipal, institutional and industrial projects

• Provide educational materials and forums for decision makers to learn about the value of metal products in the building envelope

• Increase member participation in the programs



Membership--Bill Hartford, John Paul Lawrence

The Membership Committee develops expansion and retention programs, and has oversight of all other activities related to membership promotion.




• Refining member communications based on communications audit

• Contacting current members regarding renewal

• Reaching out to prospective members in related or supplier categories and those who exhibit at METALCON and other trade shows



METALCON Liaison--Jonathan Rider

The METALCON Liaison Committee serves as a communications link between MCA as sponsor of METALCON and PSMJ Resources, Inc., show management.




• Coordinates activities with METALCON to maximize revenue and promote MCA’s sponsorship of the event

• Coordinates MCA councils’ efforts related to producing MCA demos at METALCON



Program Committee--Scott Moffatt, Miguel Peña

The Program Committee works with MCA staff to plan and execute the logistics and educational programs for MCA’s Annual and Semi-annual meetings.




• Site selection for future meetings

• Reviews program format and content to ensure meetings are productive and interesting for members

• Meeting promotion



Statistics Committee--Brian Partyka

The Statistics Committee oversees the process of collecting, assembling and reporting on pertinent forecasting and production data for the metal construction industry.




• Evaluates format to increase member participation

• Supports market research programs

• Promotes benefits of member participation



Technical Committee--David Stermer

The Technical Committee serves as a technical resource for MCA.




• Responds to the needs and requests of the MCA Board of Directors, of other committees and councils on technical and research issues

• Researches and recommends ways to reduce the barriers for the use of metal in construction

• Initiates and/or reviews technical documents, bulletins, guidelines and white papers for content and accuracy

• Alerts the MCA Board and/or membership when necessary about technical issues affecting the use of metal in the building envelope



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