Retrofit Systems

Retrofit metal systems have a wide range of design alternatives for existing roofs and walls. 


For roofs, they offer building owners and design professionals a multitude of choices ranging from low-slope functional systems for discharge or diversion of roof rainwater to high-slope architectural applications that upgrade the building’s aesthetic and appraised values.


For walls, there is just as many material choices that can bring that architectural quality to the curb appeal of your building.


Benefits of Retrofit Metal Walls

Bring New Life, Beauty and Dependability to Old Building Roofs and Walls

Retrofit Metal Roof and Wall Systems are ideal for updating your building and/or gaining decades more dependability and durability against the elements.



Where are Retrofit Metal Roof Systems Used?

Roof Applications

Retrofit metal roofing represents an economical and functional solution for building owners who want to beautify their existing structure or correct performance issues related to aging roofs and out-of-date materials. They have been employed in millions of square feet on existing Commercial, Industrial, Education and Retail facilities. The various systems address the following roof applications and geometry: 

  • Light-gauge steel framing systems with new metal roofing over existing flat or nearly flat roofs.
  • Light-gauge steel sub-framing systems with new metal roofing over existing low-slope roofs
  • Light-gauge steel sub-framing with new metal roofing over existing metal roofs.

Existing Flat or Nearly Flat Roofs

The U.S. building stock has billions of square feet of flat roofs that demand continual maintenance and repair. For more than four decades now, MCA member manufacturers have engineered and furnished light-gauge low and steep slope steel framing systems that are installed directly over the existing roof’s structural supports. Imperative to good design practices, the new framing system is engineered to maintain the structural integrity of the building’s roof system.

The result is a new code compliant metal roof that will last for 60-plus years providing higher energy efficiency by reducing heat gain through the roof in summer months and reducing heat loss during winter months.

Existing Sloped Roofs

Older conventional roofing materials that were used in years past may very well need replacement now. Normally considered less than a 2-inch rise for every 12-inches horizontal, or commonly referred to as 2:12 pitch, these retrofit system roofs are typically very functional and utilitarian in design. If the existing roof has an aging metal roof, MCA member products offer fully-engineered sub-framing systems that in most cases allow the existing roof to remain in place by installing the new metal roofing directly over the old roof. 

These applications can provide additional benefits in energy efficiency with the addition of insulation and/or dynamic ventilation to the space between the old roof and underside of the new metal roof. In addition, the new roof system is designed to the most current and governing wind and gravity load code requirements. 


Wall Applications

Whether you're doing a repurposing project, a complete renovation or high energy efficient upgrade. MCA members manufacture solutions to meet your particular needs. Retrofit metal walls offer many benefits such as durability and aesthetics with lightweight materials, which means little or no alteration to existing structural elements. 

Metal wall panels use high-performance coating systems with long-lasting fade-gloss retention, and come in a wide range of substrates, colors, and textures. Choose from among preformed metal, insulated metal panels (IMP), metal composite materials (MCM), or solar thermal walls to allow for maximum solar heat recovery.
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