MCA councils are the vehicle for program development related to accomplishing association objectives related to education, marketing and code advocacy. Council activities may include producing technical materials, determining the scope of technical and market research, creating awareness programs, and promotional efforts. New councils are established as needed for specific purposes and approved by the MCA Board of Directors.


Current MCA councils are Insulated Metal Panel, MCM Fabricators, Metal-Forming Equipment/Roll-former, Retrofit, Roofing, and Wall Panel.



Accessories Council--Cindy DeBellis, Dustin Haddock

The Accessories Council educates the construction industry and design community to the standard, best, and state-of-the-art practices, methods, and materials of metal roof and wall ancillaries and accessories.



Insulated Metal Panel Council--Brian Jaks, Kim Harrell


The Insulated Metal Panel (IMP) Council works to increase the exposure of the benefits of insulated metal panels (IMPs) to architects and University students/faculty. Key messages are the thermal performance of the panels and green building attributes.



IMP Funders Group

Program Director--Jeff Irwin

Chair of Technical Committee--Amanda Karns

Chair of Marketing Committee--Amanda Storer

The companies comprising the IMP Funders Group are as follows:

Kingspan Panels NA - Covestro - BASF Corporation - Huntsman Polyurethanes - CENTRIA - Metl-Span - Green Span Profiles - ATAS International Inc - Sherwin-Williams - All Weather Insulated Panels


The Metal Construction Association’s Insulated Metal Panel Funders Group comprises leading manufacturers, resellers, and suppliers who are dedicated to growing the use of insulated metal panels (IMPs). Companies funding the program pave the way to increase IMP use by:

  • Participating in a marketing committee that drives print advertising, social media, microsite, and lead-generation campaigns to promote the benefits of IMPs and connect the companies with potential new customers.
  • Producing and promoting marketing and PR communications that increase IMP awareness.
  • Supporting a strong technical committee that drives technical and building code initiatives to support, defend, and advance IMP use in the marketplace.
  • Participating in surveys and sharing market data that enables them to track and forecast market growth.
  • Working with other industry leaders within the group to determine and conduct essential industry research to strengthen the position of IMPs in the marketplace.
  • Collaborating with industry peers to advance the use of IMPs and contribute to drive the direction of the industry.


When you join in the MCA IMP Funders group, you advance the insulated metal panel industry and your company’s bottom line.



MCM Council-- Tom Seitz, Vlad Sobot
Members of the MCM Fabricators Council are companies that provide premium fabricating services for MCM (metal composite materials) used primarily on high end projects. This council serves as the vehicle for the development of marketing ideas and proposals such as its Premium MCM Fabricator Certification Program. It also considers programs related to general marketing activities to enhance visibility of its members and their services.


  • Develop technical materials as needed
  • Participate in market development programs to promote MCM and MCM Premium Fabricator Certification program
  • Monitor codes and regulations and work with other councils to address any barriers to using MCM
  • Work with other councils, such as Natural Metals, to co-promote related activities



Metal-Forming Equipment/Roll-Former Council--Brett Barber, Chandler Barden
Members of the Metal Forming Equipment/Roll-former Council are representatives of companies that manufacture and use metal-forming machinery including equipment for coil-handling, fabricating, formatting, rollforming, as well as rotary cutting machinery and presses.


  • Encourage communication among participating companies and work together to improve the image of rollformers
  • Development Metal Rollformer Operators Guide



Retrofit Council--Mark James, Frank Hogan
The mission of the Retrofit Council is to advance MCA member market share in the commercial, industrial and residential renovation construction markets by establishing a presence for metal’s use through retrofit roofing and wall systems.


  • Educate members on what retrofit is and what the opportunities are available to them.
  • Promote current proven building envelope technologies related to retrofitting existing roofs and walls with metal to provide more sustainable and energy efficient buildings.
  • Explore new technologies that are meaningful and beneficial to existing building owners where metal roofing and walls will become the products of choice for their sustainable, energy efficiency, fire and hail/wind resistance qualities.
  • Promote current and future metal roof and wall retrofit technologies to increase MCA member market penetration in the northern climes of the U.S. and Canada by utilizing roof and wall generated heat in the building’s heating/cooling processes and hot water systems.
  • Foster growth of rainwater harvesting and solar technology in conjunction with retrofit metal roof systems throughout North America and elsewhere.
  • Establish cohesive and mutually beneficial relationships with other industry associations that work parallel to achieve the same goals and objectives for sustainable and energy efficient existing buildings including the USGBC, CMRC, Energy Star, ASHRAE, CEFPI, BOMA, AIA, CSI, etc.
  • Establish industry guidelines for the proper analysis of existing building roof and wall systems from a structural integrity perspective when receiving a new retrofit metal roof or wall system.
  • Encourage incentives from Local, State and Federal government bodies and utility companies for building owners that upgrade their building facilities with energy efficient and sustainable retrofit metal roof and wall systems.
  • Work conjointly with the USGBC to increase their understanding of the importance and impact of retrofit metal roof and wall systems relative to LEED certification of existing buildings.
  • Promote retrofit metal roof and wall systems through MCA and MRA sponsored educational programs for design professionals, governmental and military agencies, building facility maintenance managers and other end-user based entities.
  • Prepare case studies.



Roofing Council--JB Wissman, Ken Buchinger
Members of the MCA Roofing Council are primarily representatives of companies that manufacture metal products used in roofing applications for commercial, industrial, municipal, institutional and residential markets.


  • Determine needs for product performance testing and technical research
  • Evaluate laboratory services and monitor the research process with them
  • Develop technical materials as needed
  • Participate in market development programs to promote metal roofing
  • Monitor codes and regulations and address any barriers to using metal for roofing
  • Produce MCA live-action demos of new field applications at the annual METALCON International trade show and conference, coordinating the program with MCA staff and show management
  • Promote the Metal Roofing Certification Program
  • Work with NRCA to provide training materials pertinent to metal roofing for
  • Participate in and support the Metal Roofing Alliance.



Wall Panel Council--Jim Tuschall, Michael Beck
Members of the MCA Wall Panel Council represent companies that manufacture metal wall panels used in all areas of commercial, or non-residential, construction. The council’s main purpose is to promote the use of metal wall panels in this market and to provide supporting research and materials to do this.


  • Integrate promotional opportunities with MCA market development, the Insulated Metal Panels initiative and other appropriate MCA market development programs
  • Determine needs for product performance and research programs and work with outside sources to monitor and complete them
  • Monitor codes and regulations and address any barriers to using metal wall panels
  • Develop technical materials as needed to educate decision makers and end users on applications and techniques for wall panel products
  • Produce MCA live-action demos of new field applications at the annual METALCON International trade show and conference, coordinating the program with MCA staff and show management
  • Provide case studies and other materials as appropriate to support marketing programs


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