A Modern Shake Roof with Vintage Charm


Homeowners Matthew and Lenora were annoyed with their leaky asphalt roof and wanted a durable, beautiful, and dependable replacement. Country Manor Shake, a lifetime metal roof, was the perfect solution. Expertly installed by Guardian Roofing, their new roof is a massive improvement.



Guardian’s installation team stripped off the old roof and replaced several sections of failed decking. They also improved ventilation for a safer and healthier home. With this new roof, Matthew and Lenora’s restoration is nearly done.



With the constant stress of dealing with their old, leaky roof out of their lives, the homeowners can rest easy. They’ve restored their home’s character and improved its value too. Their worry has turned to peace of mind.



Distinctive Design





Seattle homeowners Matthew and Lenora are faithfully restoring their family home. The once-beautiful Cape Cod was passed down to them a few years ago, albeit a little worse for wear. But, eager for the challenge, the homeowners dove into remodeling, now with only the tattered roof to finish. 

Originally, the home featured wood shake that complemented the distinctive hip-and-valley-style roof. Although stylish, wood shakes are a poor match to the Pacific Northwest’s climate. The frequent rain makes moss a common problem, shortening the functional life of any roof. After a previous owner replaced the wood with asphalt, leaks popped up and were patched, all with different shingles. The resulting roof was a patchwork of asphalt, a sore spot in an otherwise successful restoration.

Faced with this glaring issue, the homeowners knew they needed a change. Asphalt patches and continued mold growth eliminated another asphalt roof from consideration, so they needed a new solution entirely. 


Setting Their Criteria

The perfect roof would be impervious to organic growth, durable for years to come, beautiful but faithful to the home’s style, and a close visual match to the old wood shake. 

These criteria were essential to Matthew and Lenora; they wanted to finish their restoration with the right roof. However, it was a tall order to find a new material with all these characteristics.

After some research, they discovered metal roofing, a rugged material with no organic material for moss to grow on, and a variety of custom shapes and colors. Now that they had their material, they needed a model that looked like wood shake. 

They found it in Country Manor Shake, an aluminum shingle with a realistic wood-grain pattern. Country Manor Shake is made by Classic Metal Roofing Systems, a family-owned roofing company in Ohio. With the strength and protection of metal, Country Manor Shake’s Lifetime Limited Warranty keeps their home protected for decades to come.


A Caring and Committed Installer

Equipped with their roof of choice, the last step was a trustworthy installer. A few years prior, Matthew and Lenora had local contractor Guardian Roofing work on their garage. After learning that Guardian is also their local Classic Metal Roofing dealer, the choice was clear. Guardian’s technical expertise and familiarity with Country Manor Shake lent themselves well to this project. 

Since appearance was a major concern, Matthew and Lenora chose Shake Gray, the closest color to the original roof. They wanted to retain their home’s style with the style of wood and the toughness of metal.

Beyond looks, Guardian wanted to improve the roof’s functionality. Cape Cod-style homes often have limited ventilation, so improving it resulted in a healthier and safer home. To achieve this, Guardian added more overhang to the roof, bringing it up to code and increasing the overall ventilation.

Ultimately though, a roof is more than just shingles and underlayment. The gutter, attic, and ventilation play essential roles in a roof system, ensuring long life and protection from the elements. Lori Swanson, Co-Owner of Guardian, said, “A complete roof system needs all its parts to be functioning to protect your home.” 


The Final Piece of the Puzzle

With the new roof in place, their home is one step closer to the finish line. The Country Manor Shake is durable, beautiful, and distinctive and “couldn’t have turned out better,” said Matthew. The hip and valley style roof is highlighted, showing off the unique profile, and their remodeling efforts are beautifully capped off too.


Classic Metal Roofing for Your Home

Remodeling a classic home? Interested in a distinct, beautiful roof? Consider Country Manor Shake for your home today. Learn why metal roofing is the superior solutionvisualize your home with Country Manor Shake, or order free samples online


Classic Metal Roofing Systems is a family-owned company based in Piqua, Ohio. Established in 1980, Classic is a commercial and residential metal roofing pioneer with shingle and standing seam designs. Classic is owned by Isaiah Industries, a producer of permanent roofing solutions and underlayment. For more information, visit classicmetalroofingystems.com or isaiahindustries.com.


Guardian Roofing, located in Auburn, Washington, is a family-owned company. Owners Matt and Lori Swanson are dedicated to taking care of people and their homes, not just their roofs. Guardian offers a full suite of roofing repairs provided by their experienced team. Experts on roofing in the Pacific Northwest, they serve Everett, Bremerton, Seattle, Auburn, Bellevue, Puyallup, and Tacoma. Visit guardianhome.com for a roof that will last.




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