Cool Temperatures with a Hot Appearance

Insulated metal panels from Kingspan added aesthetic appeal and insulation value for a stable interior temperature at the five-rink Florida Hospital Center Ice in Wesley Chapel, Fla.


The initial design didn’t specify Kingspan panels, but Trident Building Systems, Sarasota, Fla., recommended a combination of Kingspan and Trident panels for all the walls and roof. This was done to meet the town requirement that a certain amount of any building’s exterior surface area be a different material or texture. Trident Building Systems engineered, fabricated and erected the structure, as well as installed the Kingspan insulated wall panels.


The massive 150,000-square-foot facility, sponsored by Florida Hospital, with additional support from Busch Gardens, had a tight construction schedule with minimal staging area. Additionally, because of the nature of the building, thermal performance was key. 


The four inch thick 300 Series Striated panels, with an R-Value of 29,  installed 50% faster than a traditional built up wall system.


300 Series Striated panels create an architectural look with subtle shadows. The nearly flat profile has a linear appearance with striking aesthetic appeal and excellent thermal performance.


“It took a lot of creativity to fit all the programmatic requirements and parking into the relatively small site. Metal was selected to accommodate the long spans required to house ice skating rinks. Kingspan panels in particular add energy efficiency.”


-- Mark A. Jonnatti, president of Jonnatti Architecture Inc., Clearwater, FL


With the Florida Hospital Center Ice project, Gary Bergstrom leaned on his prior relationship with Kingspan to ensure the project would run smoothly.  Kingspan’s sales, customer service and technical services teams worked closely with Gary to ensure all aspects of the project ran smoothly.


“Kingspan panels were capable of meeting the high demands of the project, and Kingspan was proactive in producing the product in a timely manner. It’s always beneficial for us to work with a company that can meet the schedule needs on our end. Also, their panels are competitively priced and are of utmost quality”.


-- Gary Bergman, Business Development & Project Manager at Trident Building Systems



Wesley Chapel, FL



Florida Hospital



Trident Building Systems



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April 2017

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