Spring Creek Ranch Tedlar® Metal Roofing Case Study

New Roof Construction at Ranch Resort

Spring Creek Ranch is located on a wildlife sanctuary almost 1,000 feet above the town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The ranch features spectacular views of the Teton Mountain Range, including the world-famous Grand Teton. Spring Creek Ranch is located where the famous Granary Restaurant formerly stood.The owners of Spring Creek Ranch embarked on the new construction of 15 buildings located on the resort property during the spring of 2022. Seeking high-performance materials that could withstand the diverse climates of Jackson Hole, metal roofs laminated with matte black Tedlar® were chosen.These roofs protected with Tedlar® will not only provide superior protection, they will also maintain their beautiful lasting look for years to come. That’s because Tedlar® doesn’t fade, chalk, crack, blister or check from UV exposure, acid rain or dirt.The black Tedlar® is an exact match for a popular PVDF coating color, with enhanced protective properties over the buildings lifetime. The aluminum roofs using Tedlar® were supplied by Metal Alliance LLC. Metal Alliance has supplied Tedlar® metal products for roofing projects around the US and Caribbean, providing best-in-class protection and lasting aesthetics in areas with extreme weather, sunlight, and proximity to the ocean.



Jackson Hole, WY, United States



Metal Alliance (Metal Supplier)



approximately 15 structures on resort property



Spring 2022

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