Energy Efficiency and Style Combine in Sustainable Design

Completed in the fall of 2015, the SLAC Building 53 houses SLAC's Visitor, User, Employee (VUE) Center, Director's Office, Stanford University Office, Communications, Security, Campus Auditorium, Cafeteria and Conferencing Center. By centralizing these areas, the newly built facility consolidates support tasks that were previously managed in separate organizations, including badging, visas and housing. The four-story office building provides approximately 62,000 square feet of space. It has been built to achieve LEED Gold certification and to qualify as a High Performance Sustainable Building (HPSB). 

Business Challenge:

KMD Architects and SLAC came into the design stage of the project with a clearly defined mission of advancing the Department of Energy’s sustainable building goals while focusing on occupant health and comfort. With such a heavy focus on efficiency in the design, it was crucial that every aspect of the project was carefully reviewed for optimal product effectiveness. 

Kingspan Solution:

BENCHMARK By Kingspan was involved with the project from the design phase all the way through completed construction. This partnership greatly contributed to a successful project.

Benefit to Architect:

With energy cost saving goals being of the utmost importance, KMD Architects wanted to ensure insulation was on the outside of the stud cavity.  Designwall 2000 insulated metal panels were the perfect solution.

“Our goal is to create places that inspire, stir the soul and minimize impact on the environment. At the end of the day, public buildings are cultural works of art and therefore the outcome does need to be intrinsically relevant and beautiful. ”

-- Wally MacMillan, Director- KMD Architects 

Benefit to Contractor:

BENCHMARK By Kingspan was able to offer integrated windows, louvers, sunshades and column covers essentially working as a one-stop-shop for building envelope needs. 

"We are looking forward to building a long lasting relationship with BENCHMARK and Kingspan. We hope this is just one of the many landmark projects that we will call a success using Kingspan Architectural Products.”

Benefit to Owner:

Scientists, staff and students all welcome the SLAC Building 53 as a truly functional addition to a national laboratory complex known for cutting-edge research and important scientific discoveries. The Designwall 2000 building envelope solution provided high performance for a lifespan of energy-efficiency, enduring style and sustainability. 

“Delivering valuable, responsive, friendly service is about understanding who your customers are and partnering with them in order to address and anticipate their needs.”

Sacha Hanigan, - VUE Center manager and former SLAC assistant chief of staff. 


Menlo Park, CA


Stanford University


Kingspan Panels NA 




Fall 2015

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