White Paper

Metal Roof Design for Cold Climates

Northern climates have always posed unique challenges to all types of roofing material. Snow and ice pull and tug on roof membranes and over time can tear the membrane apart. Freezing phenomena can pry flashings away from roofs, inhibit proper drainage, separate gutters from eaves, and threaten personal safety at building perimeters. Another demand placed upon any roofing system by a cold climate is the wide range of exposure temperatures.

 Metal roofing is a preferred material in cold climates due to the material’s durability, sustainability, clean lines and attractive appearance. It can have a service life many times longer than that of other roof types.

 Adherence to these guidelines has proven beneficial toward trouble free serviceability over many years. Severe alpine climates may pose additional challenges not discussed herein. Consult with those experienced in alpine metal roof design when necessary for those special applications.  


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