Energy Conservation for Exterior Wall Cladding Assemblies

Whether designed to impress with vibrant colors and articulating designs, or just to act as a rainscreen system, metal cladding exteriors are nothing new to the construction industry. 

Metal claddings such as profiled metal, metal plate, insulated metal panels (IMP), and metal composite materials (MCM) are common throughout the construction world; however, with a larger focus on building energy efficiency and a push towards Net-zero ready construction, the method of attaching the cladding to the exterior wall has become a vital detail that cannot be overlooked in today’s energy designs. 

Focusing on improvement of the exterior wall thermal performance not only helps meet more demanding building codes, but also reduces the operating costs of the building where it has been noted that roughly two-thirds of the total energy used by building occupants was wasted. This need to improve thermal performance has pushed for newer and more unique methods of attaching the exterior wall cladding with a specific focus on reducing the thermal bridging caused by conductive materials penetrating the insulation. 


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