METALCON Online Webinar Folder Operator Safety: The Do's & Don'ts of Folding and Forming Machinery Operation

Safety and efficiency go hand in hand. When equipment is safely operated, the machinery and its operator are working at their best.

In this session, operators, and foreman will gain a complete understanding of the most efficient, safest methods of operating folding and roll forming equipment. Using equipment are the exhibitors and presenters from CIDAN Machinery and Bradbury, covering the necessary operating steps for various types of metal forming machinery. Through a combination of classroom and hands on methods, participants will go through each step:

- Initial inspection of the machines, location of e-stops and machine halt functions.
- What happens in an e-stop and the steps to take in an emergency.
- When to stop and restart the equipment.
- Safe handling of materials and parts, including the correct way to load and unload and what to check before you load.
- Proper shut down and clean up measures.
- Second operator procedures, detailing each operators respective responsibilities.


  • Pre-operational safety inspection
  • Proper start up and calibration
  • Proper and safe use and operation
  • Safe handling of materials
  • Proper shutdown and clean up of machine and work area
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