From the North American Modern Building Alliance

New NYC Building Code Requirements Are Changing Exterior Walls

Why It Matters: The new requirements change how walls are designed, installed, tested, and inspected. 

New requirements for exterior walls and exterior wall coverings in the 2022 New York City Building Code (NYCBC) are significantly different than the 2014 NYC BC and the model 2015 International Building Code® (IBC) upon which the 2022 NYC BC is based. The new requirements increase the complexity of design and testing of exterior wall assemblies and exterior wall coverings. The new code and guidance from NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) have important implications for architects and registered design professionals practicing in NYC as well as for manufacturers of building materials and systems. 

It is important for architects, designers, and other registered design professionals to understand the changes will impact the design, fire performance testing, and code-compliance of exterior wall assemblies and exterior wall coverings intended for installation in New York City. 

 Stakeholders are advised to review the 2022 NYCBC, available directly from the DOBs 2022 Construction Codes website, for comprehensive details. Some key changes are summarized below. 


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