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Roof Covering Repair Requirements and the International Codes

Metal roof materials are common in the building code and are regulated for structural and fire performance in Chapter 15 of the International Building Code (IBC). The service life of metal roofing is typically extremely long however there are instances where changes in roof mounted equipment or roof damage may result in the need for roof repairs. On many occasions, MCA has been asked what types of roof repair materials are required and what direction is provided by the codes. Material decisions are often based on two factors.

While the majority of the ICC codes target new construction, there are specific performance requirements defined in the IEBC.   
For roof assemblies, the reference code section is 705 where it is clearly stated that the level of performance for the building should not be diminished by any repairs that take place. 

This guidance should aid designers and building maintenance personnel in material selection and building departments providing roof repair permits.


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