Elval Colour


St. Thomas Plant & Offices 3rd km Inofyta Peripheral Rd.
Viotia, Nr: 5872501000

With more than 40 years of experience in aluminium coating and colour matching, Elval Colour can provide you with reliable advice in product specification and selection to match the needs of the project or application you undertake.

In Elval Colour, we have developed a series of products that are committed to the improvement of the environmental performance of buildings, increase the sustainability of building facades and roofing, and reduce their impact on the environment by being fully recyclable at any production step and at the end of their life as well.

Our products are available with several functional surfaces that contribute to scratch resistance, superior weathering performance, easy-clean, anti-graffiti, textured, and come in many shades to match your creativity and imagination. They are ideal for new and renovation projects.

Our personnel are dedicated to seeing every step of the process through, from production to full delivery, and ready to contribute to the realization of any architectural vision.

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