Mansard Roof Goes Metal

This Property No Longer Screams "1974"!

We’ve all seen them – those mansard roof style apartment projects that just scream “1974”! Chateau Du Montwas one of those projects and the owners badly saw the need for added curb appeal that would boost occupation rates and income while reducing maintenance costs. The existing “Shakertown” wood shingle mansards were showing their age while the brown color scheme was hearkening back to years long gone by.


This was when project owners reached out to Isaiah Industries in search of a solution that would update their project, providing lasting beauty and durability for years to come. Some of their criteria included not having to remove the old wood shingles and yet replacing them with a non-shake product that would scream “2020 and beyond” rather than “1974”.


The 120-unit project was experiencing high vacancy rates and continual demands for maintaining the wood shingles that were cracking, curling, slipping out of place, and requiring repainting. Project Manager Charlie Attar explained that “This was a tricky job, with not one clean, straight surface. The mansard roof had many penetrations from windows and doors, with lots of rot around the majority of them. Our solution had to be watertight and free from animal infestations.”


In reviewing the products offered by Isaiah Industries, Chateau Du Mont owners quickly zeroed in on Classic Canopy and Mansard Panel, a 12” wide ‘board and batten’ look vertical panel. Produced from PVDF-coated aluminum with a windlock between panels, this product offered the benefit of being attached to purlins that were screwed into place over the wood shingles, eliminating the need for costly, messy tear-off and disposal. 


According to Isaiah Sales Manager Seth Heckaman, “We literally had to design the system from the ground up. We custom-designed flashings to handle the various penetrations which repeated from building to building. The owners wanted a clean, simple look in modern colors but they also wanted to eliminate future maintenance by using as much metal as possible.”


The end result met the property owner’s needs, and came in at just 10% over the projected costs to cover the mansard roofs with asphalt shingles, rather than the 2 to 2.5 times price estimate they’d originally had. According to Attar, “I see why people keep coming back to Isaiah Industries and Classic Metal Roofing Systems. The aesthetics are beautiful and we got great value for our investment.”



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