Dual-Purpose Paneling Redefines the Building Envelope for Transportation Solutions Leader

Innovations in Transportation Inc. (INIT) was faced with a pair of challenges when constructing its Chesapeake, Va., headquarters.


The world leader in developing and supplying integrated ITS (intelligent transportation systems) and ticketing systems for public transportation not only sought metal panels that would support both a dual office and warehouse manufacturing environment, but also paneling that would emulate the modern look and feel of the company’s world headquarters in Karlsruhe, Germany.


INIT was concerned having a metal building as its office would cause employees to experience uncomfortably warm conditions, and feared the electronic devices – designed to make public transport more attractive, fast and efficient – stored in its manufacturing facility would not receive the appropriate insulation required to function properly.


The Metl-Span CF Architectural insulated metal wall panel proved to be the ideal solution for each of INIT’s design challenges, and the company officially opened its sustainable and sleek new building for business on Aug 3, 2017.


From keeping office employees comfortable to protecting warehouse products, IMPs provided the proper insulation to accommodate the array of commodities housed by INIT. In addition to providing protection from the effects of extreme weather, Metl-Span insulated metal panels also helped to expedite EPOC Construction Company’s installation time to get the facility up and running quickly.


From an aesthetic standpoint, Metl-Span panels gave the building the contemporary look the company desired. With over 21,000 square feet of elegant Igloo White and Solar White paneling, along with green-colored panels to match the color of INIT’s rich green logo, Metl-Span insulated metal panels serve as a complement to the building’s windows and masonry.


“We wanted a really sleek European look to our building,” said Lee Nobles, INIT Manager of Purchasing and Logistic Repair. “The quality of the panels far exceeded what we expected.”



424 Network Sta, Chesapeake, VA




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