White Paper

Best Practices: Metal Building Sealant Types and Application Guidelines

This document is an overview of the sealant types commonly used in metal building including general guidelines application. The intent is to highlight standardized testing used to compare the performance of various sealant products so the end user can make an informed decision on the correct product for a specific application. 

Finally, the benefits, features, and limitations of each sealant is presented to provide as a quick reference for roofing professionals, procurement departments, consultants and building owners.

With many sealant choices available, the metal panel or building manufacturer and finish supplier recommendations should take precedent in selection of the best sealant for any application. If there is limited availability of the recommended sealant brand or no specific brand is recommended, the end user should compare standardized test results to determine the most appropriate sealant.

Sealants are a small cost in relation to other components on a building, however proper selection and application is critical to enable long service life on any metal roof or wall component in a building.


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