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Insulated Metal Panel IBC Specifications for Roofs and Walls

An insulated metal panel, or IMP, is a roof or wall cladding element consisting of two metal skins surrounding an insulating core. Individual units connect through tongue-and-groove joinery and when installed as a system, are designed to provide a weather-resistant, vapor retarding thermal barrier suitable for use in commercial construction.

IMPs, like all other building materials, must meet the provisions of the building code in effect for the project and site under consideration. However, certain basic parameters listed in this specification are generally required for use on most commercial buildings in the US. This document is therefore being presented by the IMP Alliance of the Metal Construction Association (MCA) as an aid for designers, assisting them in construction of project specifications, notes and other contract documents.


The scope of this document is a typical low-rise (i.e., 3 stories or less) commercial building of non-hazard occupancy as identified by the International Building Code, where IMPs with polyisocyanurate or polyurethane cores are used as either a through-fastened or standing seam roofing system.


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