Selection Guideline for Insulated Metal Panels

Since the 1960s, contractors and designers of commercial, industrial and refrigerated buildings have relied on Insulated Metal Panels (IMP) for their aesthetics, excellent thermal efficiency, ease of installation and overall structural integrity. IMPs in their most general form are rigid insulation sandwiched between two facings of coated metal. IMPs are molded in a variety of styles and sizes depending on application.

Foam is injected, as a liquid or froth, between the sheets of metal. The foam undergoes a chemical reaction causing it to rise and bond to the metal skins, filling the interior cavity, creating a solid monolithic panel that maintains a consistent thermal value and resists moisture, insect and rodent infiltration. IMPs can also be manufactured by a laminating process. In this method, 

pre-cured foam board stock is adhered to preformed metal facings with structural adhesives and placed under pressure in a platen press operation. With both types of IMPs a factory controlled, uniform foam thickness provides consistent insulation performance. Mineral wool panels are manufactured using a process similar to laminated foam panels.


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