Continuing Education Course

Insulated Metal Panels: An All-In-One Air and Water Barrier

Ideal for both retrofits and new construction as an all in-one air and water barrier with continuous insulation, roof and wall insulated metal panels deliver a plethora of performance, erection, durability, and aesthetic benefits.

Learning Objectives:
After reading this article, you should be able to:
1. Identify the role of prefabricated insulated metal panels (IMPs) as an all-in-one water and air barrier enclosure with continuous insulation.
2. Compare the construction benefits that IMPs deliver via a more simplified, cost-effective, and time-efficient erection process in addition to enhanced safety and less required manpower in the field.
3. Describe the key full building enclosure, structural, and fire-performance attributes of IMPs.
4. Explore the versatility and performance attributes of IMPs for retrofits and recladding.




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