Metal Core Laminated Panels Used as Exterior Cladding

The International Building Code (IBC) has identified and provided a dedicated section for Metal Composite Material (MCM) panels since its original publication in 2000. (Section 1406) 


Manufacturers of laminated panel materials made with an aluminum core sometimes claim compliance with the requirements for non-combustible material as defined in IBC Section 703.3 (2021) through an exception originally written to address the paper facing on gypsum wallboard. This exception is not intended for materials laminated together with a combustible adhesive layer and an aluminum core. 

This has been addressed by an approved addition to the 2024 IBC, Section 1402.8, which recognizes that there is a certain level of exposure when combustible adhesives are used in exterior wall cladding. This new section requires that metal laminate panels used greater than 40 feet above grade must meet the same performance requirements and successfully be tested to NFPA 285 the same as required for MCM panels. 


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