White Papers

Metal Roofing & PV Solar Systems Parts 1,2 & 3

A three-part series on metal roofing and solar PV. Part 1 focused on Solar/Roof Service Life comparisons. Part 2 explains the common types of mounting systems for metal roofs, associated risks and pros/ cons of each. Part 3 will dig into more detail and the critical technical factors for solar PV systems specific to mounting on metal roofs.

Part 1: Many information sources are available concerning basic and advanced technologies of why and how photovoltaic (PV) works. This white paper does not expound on those subjects but focuses on a commonly overlooked topic: Durability, longevity and mounting platform compatibility of these systems to the roof.


Part 2: This paper calls attention to the essential criteria of mounting solar PV to metal rooftops to provide the best benefits for building owners and solar contractors alike.

This information is requisite to preserving the integrity of both the roof and solar PV system as well as maintaining code compliance while achieving the lowest maintenance, longest life, lowest (initial and life-cycle) costs and greatest return on investment (ROI) on the solar PV system.

Part 3: This paper illustrates that long-term performance of roof-mounted solar PV systems can only be achieved through careful planning, design, procurement, installation, and quality control from start to finish. It also shows how metal roofs enable these solar PV systems to live up to their stated potential durability, versatility, and inherent strength. 


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