White Paper

Metal Roofing and Solar PV Systems Part 3 – Mounting System Installation

Part 3 will dig into more detail and the critical technical factors for solar PV systems specific to mounting on metal roofs. While contractors direct much scrutiny to the modules and inverters, often too little attention is given to the mounting system that marries the expensive PV array to the host roof.

This paper illustrates that long-term performance of roof-mounted solar PV systems can only be achieved through careful planning, design, procurement, installation, and quality control from start to finish. It also shows how metal roofs enable these solar PV systems to live up to their stated potential durability, versatility, and inherent strength. Most critically, an owner of a PV system should ensure the combined system meets the following criteria:

  • Design to all required local codes and standards to ensure public safety
  • Carefully consider the service life of both the roof and the PV materials (including the mounting system), ensuring compatibility for all components
  • Utilize high-quality components which are carefully chosen, appropriately tested and certified by relevant third parties
  • Ensure all components installed on the project are consistent with testing and certification parameters
  • Properly written certifications, reports, etc., provided by all parties defining scope of work are provided to the owner(s) of the PV system and building.


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