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Metal Roofing and Solar PV Systems Part 2 - Mounting System Methods

This is the second part of a three-part series on metal roofing and solar PV. Part 1 focused on Solar/Roof Service Life comparisons. Part 2 explains the common types of mounting systems for metal roofs, associated risks and pros/ cons of each.

 A key theme identified in Part 1 is although both solar PV and metal roofing have inherent individual attributes, there are added synergies when used in conjunction with one another. Some factors and checkpoints to fully avail these synergies when mounting on metal roofs are discussed here.

Most accomplished solar contractors have a good deal of knowledge and experience regarding solar PV design and installation from an electrical perspective, but few have in-depth knowledge of metal roofing systems.

When mounting to metal rather than other roof types, there are a number of distinct differences. Part 2 of this series calls attention to the essential criteria of mounting solar PV to metal rooftops to provide the best benefits for building owners and solar contractors alike. This information is requisite to preserving the integrity of both the roof and solar PV system as well as maintaining code compliance while achieving the lowest maintenance, longest life, lowest (initial and life-cycle) costs and greatest return on investment (ROI) on the solar PV system.


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