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Metal Roofs

White Paper

Metal Roofing A-Z
Above Sheathing Ventilation (ASV) - The Forgotten Cool Roof
Metal Roofing and Solar PV Systems Part 3 - Mounting System Installation
Metal Roofing and Solar PV Systems Part 2 - Mounting System Methods
Metal Roofing and Solar PV Systems Part 1 – Service Life Comparisons
Test Method for Wind Load Resistance of Flashings Used with Metal Roof Systems
Best Practices Sealants 
Qualifying Snow Retention Systems for Metal Roofing
Roof Covering Repair Requirements and the International Codes
Metal Roof Design for Cold Climates
Best Practices in Lightning Protection and Metal Construction
Service Life Assessment 
Lightning and Metal Roofing
Standing Seam Roof Clips Best Practices Guide
Selection and Installation of Curbs on Hydrostatic Low-slope Coated Steel and Aluminum Roofing
Comparison of Retrofit Systems Over Existing Metal Roofs
Spray Polyurethane Foam Installation on Interior Surfaces of Metal Panels
Dissimilar Metal Corrosion in Roofing Installations 
Roof Seaming Best Practices Guide
Ventilating Attic Fires
Static and Dynamic
Roofing Best Practices: Fortified Home Program
Metal Roofing & PV Solar Systems Parts 1,2, & 3


Roof Coatings: A Viable Option?


Metal Roofing A-Z
Metal Roof Installation Manual & Exam
179D Commercial Building  Energy-Efficiency Tax Deduction


METALCON Online Webinars 12 Ways to Recover an Existing Sloped Roof
METALCON Online Webinars Metal Takes on Solar: Metal Roofers' Perspective on Solar Installation - METALCON Online Webinar
METALCON Online Webinars Residential Re-roofing with Metal - METALCON Online Webinar

Metal Walls

White Paper

Preformed Metal Panel Installation Guide
Visual Appearance Parameters for Single-skin Panel systems
Understanding Rain Screen Wall Systems


METALCON Online Webinars Demystifying Rain Screen Systems Utilizing Metal Wall Systems - METALCON Online Webinar
METALCON Online Webinars RAiNA - It Takes a Village– METALCON Online Webinar
What Makes Rainscreen Walls Work? – METALCON Online Webinar
The Importance of Wall to Roof Connections for the Air Barrier – METALCON online Webinar
The Art of Metal Wall Panels – METALCON Online Webinar
Fundamentals of Rainscreen – METALCON Online Webinar
Decoding the Language of Rainscreens – METALCON Online Webinar

Metal Composite Materials (MCM) Systems

White Paper

MCM - Stiffener Adhesion White Paper
MCM Responsibilities
What Is Metal Composite Material - Part 1
What is MCM - Part 2
What is Metal Composite Material - Part 3
4mm MCM Master Specification
MCM Labeling - Who Cares and Why
What are the Real Benefits of 6mm vs. 4mm MCM
Does Your MCM Actually Meet the Performance Requirements of the Code?
The MCM Team
Visual Acceptance Parameters
MCM and MCM Systems for Building Cladding in North America

Technical Bulletin

MCM Panel Systems Definitions
Use of MCM Wall Cladding with Foam Plastic Insulation in Combustible Wall Assemblies
Metal Composite Materials - Fire Performance Testing in the United States and Canada
Metal Core Laminated Panels Used as Exterior Cladding

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

MCM Environmental Product Declaration


METALCON Online Webinars Bring your MCM to Life with a Quality MCM Fabricator - METALCON Online Webinar
METALCON Online Webinars Engineering Judgements Potentially a Great Option Under NFPA 285 - METALCON Online Webinar
Buying MCM: What the Industry Has In Store For You - METALCON Online Webinar 

Insulated Metal Panels (IMP)

White Paper

The Incredible Benefits of Insulated Metal Panel Roofing
Insulated Metal Panel IBC Specifications for Roofs and Walls
IMP NBC Code - Walls and Roofs
Insulated Metal Panels and NFPA 285
Fire Safety of Insulated Metal Panels
IMP Visual Inspection Guide
Selection Guideline for Insulated Metal Panels
Controlling Air and Rainwater Using Insulated Metal Panel Enclosure Systems


Best Practices for Installing IMPs
METALCON Online Webinars The Advantages of an IMP Roof - METALCON Online Webinar
Insulated Metal Panels Installation Factors that Influence Girt Spacing - METALCON Online Webinar
Bidding and Estimating IMP’s – METALCON Online Webinar

 Technical Bulletin

IMP Structural Loading

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

IMP Environmental Product Declaration


White Paper

Retrofitting Existing Roofing with Metal
Retrofit Design Guide
Comparison of Retrofit Systems Over Existing Metal Roofs
White Paper - Benefits of Retrofit Roofing


Hurricane Disaster Recovery


White Paper

Life Cycle Assessment Report
Steel Sustainability Fact Sheet
Environmental Benefits of Metal

Environmental Product Declaration

Environmental Product Declarations

Technical Bulletin

Recycled Content of Metal Roofing


METALCON Online Webinars and MCA Present Thermal Breaks in Cladding Support Attachment Assemblies - METALCON Online Webinar
METALCON Online Webinars  EPD'S and LCA'S: We Have Them, Now What? - METALCON Online Webinar

Continuing Education

Written Course

Individual Parts Bring a Greater Whole A primer on MCM
Show Your Mettle
Insulated Metal Panels: An All-In-One Air and Water Barrier
The Metal Retrofit Revolution
The ABCs of LCAs and EPDs
The Ins and Outs of IMPs
To Code...and Beyond
8 Continuing Education Courses
Cladding Safety with Metal Composite Material (MCM) and the NFPA 285-19
Architectural Excellence with Insulated Metal Panels

Video Courses

METALCON Online Free Webinars for the Metal Construction & Design Industry – Get Certificates of Completion and AIA Credits On-demand

METALCON In-Person Education & Recorded Sessions – didn’t make it to the event? Capture all the need-to-know Session Information here. 



White Paper

Powder Coating a Post Fabrication Option for Metal Surfaces
Custom Coil Samples
Application Guidelines for Field-Applied Touch-up Paint Systems on Metal Panels
MCA The Advantages of Building with Metal

Technical Bulletin

New York City Building Code Update - 2022
Fastener Compatibility with Roof and Wall Profiles
Metal Roof and Wall Panel Components in Contact with Pressure Treated Lumber
Proper Tools for Fastening Metal Panels
Oil Canning in Metal Roof and Wall Systems

Best Practices 

Portable Rollformer Best Practices Manual
Best Practices – General Maintenance on Metal Forming Equipment Machinery


METALCON Online Webinars Fastener Selection & Metal Roof Installation Manual & ExamInstallation Guide - METALCON Online Webinar
METALCON Online Webinars Folder Operator Safety: The Do's and Don't of Folding and Forming Machinery Operation - METALCON Online Webinar
METALCON Online Webinars Condensation - The Why and How to Avoid it - METALCON Online Webinar

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